A Secret Malice

Evan Wilson blows his head off on a frigid November night in the woods behind Olivia Novak’s Madison, Wisconsin home. The sound of the shotgun blast is so close, it startles her out of her chair and sends her parents running. Evan’s friends are shocked. His family is devastated. Olivia is confused. He appeared so confident, so strong, so…perfect.

Evan’s charismatic best friend, Brad, changes overnight. He isolates himself from everyone. It’s a total shock when he shows up at her house a few weeks later, turning to her for help finding answers.

Haunted by Evan’s death, Brad doesn’t believe Evan killed himself. Panic attacks and suspicion are a horrifying consequence of the death for Brad. Despite his struggles, Brad’s charm and wit disarm Olivia, and in no time at all, she’s completely enamored. They flow together, her calm balancing his fear, but their bliss is short lived.

The first text is a compromising picture of Olivia taken through a window. It goes out school wide after Brad’s tires are slashed. The second is of Brad, photographed at a party in a less than ideal situation. Soon, the pictures are accompanied by words.

Stay.      Away.      From.      Her.      And.     I.      Will.     Stop.

The photographs spread through town, the threats become more violent, and Brad and Olivia are driven apart. Nowhere is safe, not even their homes. As fear turns to terror, Olivia grapples with questions she can’t answer.

What if Brad knows more than he’s telling about that night in the woods?

Coming soon!